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Welcome to your transformation and healing

Ready for change? What better time to look within, to find out who you really are.

Information about Training In Power, A Spiritual Journey of Service. 


Connect with the Power of your Soul to heal, grow, manifest and prosper. Training in Power™ Academy of Meditation and Healing offers courses that  engage the active mind, with profound results. Connect with the power of the Universe and find out how Unlimited you are.

Are you looking to deepen your meditation practice and open to your own inner knowing? 

The Training in Power Level 1 Course offers those seeking clarity a profound opportunity to manifest a life of passion and choice.

Because, Level 1 allows you to re-open your own knowing of the metaphysical world and achieve greater awareness and consciousness, people often use words like “Powerful,” “magical” and “transformative” to describe it. 

What You’ll Learn

Training in Power Level 1 offers:

  • an active meditation system that engages the active mind

  • energetic healing systems to heal yourself and help the ones you love

  • tools to actively manifest what you want in life

  • a way to develop your inner knowingness

  • exercises to help you build and trust your intuition

  • techniques to protect yourself and others from negativity.

Prerequisites:  None

Class Format

Because the Training in Power Level 1 course is delivered in 4 classes over 4 weeks, the course allows you to assimilate information with an opportunity to practice your learning between each class.

Here’s what each class consists of:

Class One – Introduction. This class introduces you to the World of Power and how it shows up in your life, and builds your meditation framework for exploration.
Class Two – The Metaphysical World. This class deepens your experience with the metaphyscial world and the greater mind.
Class Three – The Power to Heal and Manifest. Learn to work with energy and healing work in this profound class.
Class Four – Tools and Techniques to Live a Conscious Life. This class explores how to use what you’ve learned to live the conscious and fulfilling life of your dreams.

Training in Power Community

Because being in community enhances learning, graduates of Level I are welcome to audit any Level 1 course for free, online or anywhere in North America, for a year after graduation.


We also provide monthly meetings to enhance your comprehension and keep you on your path to living in power.


Training in Power Level 1 – Online

Read the Training in Power Level 1 Brochure to find out even more about this course.

Here is a list of upcoming Training In Power Classes 

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