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Training In Power Meetup

We are group of spiritual teachers, practitioners and seekers who are sharing our experiences, curiosity and expertise with the community by providing group meditation opportunities, free healing drop-ins and energy readings, and introductory talks on a variety of subjects, including: active meditation, clearing trauma from the spiritual, mental, physical and emotional energy bodies, increasing intuition, dream interpretation, manifestation, weight loss, healing relationships, communication with loved ones who have passed over, past life readings and clearings, and most importantly, understanding and using your own natural psychic gifts.

Each meet-up group will feature a brief talk followed by Q and A and a guided meditation. Community members share their skills and knowledge.

Free readings and clearings will be available after the meditation for those who wish to have one. If you are curious and would like to have some fun exploring new modalities in a safe and respectful environment, or if you would just like to spend time with like-minded people, come and join us! We would be delighted meet you!

Upcoming Events


Meditations to Start Your Week Off Right!

Join us every Monday and Saturday for a 10' guided meditation class to get yourself ready for the week or the weekend!

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