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Dreams to Reality - Manifesting Your Life Meetup Event Online

Dreams to Reality - Manifesting Your Life Free Online Event May 1 11am PST

Have you ever tried to turn your dream into a reality and cannot quite get there? How about bringing everything you need into your life except for the one thing that you really want? Have you been able to attract what you need when a crisis presents itself and not at other times? Or, help other’s achieve their dreams but you cannot do it for yourself? What about attaining what you want and not being able to hold onto it?

When these types of things happen, it is an indicator that you might need to address areas where you may get in your own way. We can help you turn your dreams into reality by showing you areas that keep you from moving forward.

Come and experience how our healers work and receive the chance to have a free intuitive reading.

When you come to this workshop, bring something forth that you would like to bring into your life. A few of you will be chosen from the audience and because of the way energy works, there will be something for you in each person’s share that you can apply to your own journey.

We welcome all and hope to see you there.

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