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Updated: Mar 17, 2022

Riding The Wavelength of Prosperity

Hear the YouTube interview here

Who better to have wealth than spiritual people with integrity? Yet so many of us don't think we need wealth or even shun wealth. What if 90 % of the people on the planet controlled 90% of the wealth? In order to achieve wealth, we must first become aware of our unconscious beliefs around money. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear, "spiritual leader with millions of dollars"? Or, fill in the blank, "Rich women are __________?" What if you thought of greedy or con or any other negative thought. If so, why would you ever want to be wealthy? If you unconsciously think money is evil, you will never want to have a lot of it.

“What are your unconscious beliefs around wealth?”

Unlock the negative patterns that drive you - Only in truth can you heal. Become aware of how you think when you see someone driving an expensive car. What do you say to yourself in that moment? How did your parents deal with money? Did they fight? Was it a loving relationship with money?

Learn how to clear negative patterns that keep you from achieving the life of your dreams. Level 1 Training In Power will give you the tools and vibration to be able to unlock your fullest potential through meditation, power transference and energy healing.

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